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Breakout Session

Beyond DIY: Understanding Your Options for Modernizing Security Operations

October 4, 2023
11:15 am - 12:00 pm
Bluestem 2&3

As the retail and hospitality industries continue to experience significant growth, the need for scalable cybersecurity solutions becomes even more critical. The do-it-yourself (DIY) approach has rapidly proven to be unsustainable for many—if not most—organizations, especially when cybersecurity talent so outstrips demand. So where does that leave security teams tasked with protecting guests’ sensitive data?

Whether you want to plug directly into a vendor’s tech stack, or make the most of your existing security investments, security leaders are faced with the same questions: what can you afford to do on your own? And what can/should be outsourced? From co-managed SIEMs, to managed detection and response (MDR) providers with fixed tech stacks, or MDR with a bring-your-own tech approach, there are pros and cons to every option—the challenge lies in choosing the right fit for your org.

Join Jason Goodman, Global Head of Cyber Security Operations and Incident Response, Marriott, and Justin Bajko, VP, Strategy and Business Development, Expel, for an honest conversation about the managed security options available to you and your team.


Justin Bajko

VP, Strategy & Business Development, Expel

Jason Goodman

Global Head of Cyber Security Operations & Incident Response, Marriott

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