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Closing Keynote: Malicious Innovation – What We can Learn from Hackers about the Future of Cybersecurity

October 4, 2023
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
Prairie Ballroom D-F

Cybersecurity isn’t about keeping secrets any more. It’s about our way of life, in a fast-changing world that relies on digital technology, from clouds to smartphones, through sensors to stock markets, and so much more. While you may be thinking of how things used to be, today’s criminals are innovating faster than ever. This talk will explore the current renaissance of malicious business models and operations, discuss how generative AI & automation helps bad guys, and why we should all learn from hackers, to prepare for the future of cybersecurity.


Keren Elazari

Security Analyst, Author, Researcher, "The Friendly Hacker"