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Breakout Session

Digital Doppelgangers: The State of Retail Brand Impersonation Online in 2023 & How to Take Back Control of Your Name

SPONSORED BY: Allure Security
October 4, 2023
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
Prairie C

With the shift toward online retail, cybercriminals increasingly impersonate retail brands online to take advantage of trusted relationships built with customers. Each quarter sets a new record for spoofs, and a majority of consumers blame the impersonated brand for any resulting account takeover, identity, and payment fraud. But with the mind-boggling abundance of digital content published each day, how are brands and cybersecurity teams supposed to keep up?

Join RHISAC members Allure Security (associate) and BigCommerce (core) for an exploration of how BigCommerce maintains brand trust and customer satisfaction online, as well as, how they apply artificial intelligence to proactively and cost-effectively detect and respond to online brand impersonations. Allure Security will also present original research on the prevalence of brand impersonation of retail and hospitality brands online during 2023.

Legacy approaches to finding spoof websites, social media profiles, and mobile apps based solely on permutations of a brand’s name miss at least 70 percent of today’s online brand impersonation attacks – a spectacular failure. It’s time for change, and there’s good news. Attendees will come away from this session understanding how automation and going beyond lookalike domain names make it possible for brands to gain more visibility, find more online spoofs more quickly, and eradicate them before a single customer falls victim.


Josh Shaul

CEO, Allure Security

Dan Holden

VP, Cyber Security, BigCommerce

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