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Breakout Session

Converging Forces: Fusing Cyber and Fraud Intel in Today’s Complex Threat Landscape

October 4, 2023
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
Prairie AB

Understanding the threat landscape as it pertains to your organization is a critical first step from defending against cyber attacks. Cyber Threat Intelligence teams are tasked with this objective, and often focus on traditional cyber intrusion methods, often excluding fraud, or at best, passively monitoring for something to be caught by the already established collection. With the rapidly evolving fraud landscape, organizations – especially those in retail and e-commerce – need to incorporate a capability to track fraud activity as rigorously as these traditional cyber threats (phishing, malware, cybercrime, etc.). Over the past few years Target has developed their Cyber Fraud Intelligence capability under their traditional Cyber Threat Intelligence team, applying very similar workflows, tools and methodologies to track the fraud landscape, enabling them to mitigate tactics, often times one step ahead of the fraudsters. This session will highlight the importance of dedicated fraud intelligence analysts, as well as how to leverage traditional intelligence workflows and tools via fraud case examples to ultimately deliver significant impacts to your organization from mitigating malicious fraud operations.


Ryan Miller

Cybersecurity, Target

Leah Schwartzman

Lead Cybersecurity Analyst, Target