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Meet the Speaker

Bruce Hembree

Field CTO & Cortex Technical Director, Palo Alto Networks
Bruce Hembree is the Field CTO and Technical Director for Cortex – the machine learning and automation division that powers the SOC of Palo Alto Networks. Prior to Palo Alto Networks, Bruce ran operations at the elite Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) – a small team of offensive-side security professionals responsible for the largest offensive takedowns of threat infrastructure in the history of the Internet and brought into the eye of the public by inclusion in the Tom Clancy novel “Threat Vector” and the HBO special report “The Perfect Weapon.” Bruce has worked extensively with the United States Department of Defense and global law enforcement agencies like the FBI, Secret Service, Scotland Yard, Interpol, and other entities doing offensive take-downs of global Internet threats, online organized crime, botnets such as Citadel, Zbot, Conficker, Rustock and Emotet, and disruption of child pornography distribution. Bruce is a veteran and spent multiple tours deployed to active conflict regions in support of global anti-terrorism efforts.

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