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Meet the Speaker

Dan Holden

VP, Cyber Security, BigCommerce

Dan Holden is an accomplished technology innovator and recognized cybersecurity expert with over 25 years of experience in the IT and cybersecurity industries. Currently, he serves as the VP of Cybersecurity at BigCommerce, an Austin, TX based e-commerce company, where he and his team are accountable for helping BigCommerce’s Open SaaS business balance associated risks and benefits related to cybersecurity.

Prior to his role at BigCommerce, Dan held several leadership positions at companies such as the Home Depot, the Retail & Hospitality ISAC, Arbor Networks, and TippingPoint. Before that Dan was a part of X-Force for over a decade. His extensive expertise in cybersecurity has also led him to speak at various industry conferences, including RSA, Defcon, and RVAsec, and he has been featured in numerous publications, radio shows, and television programs around the world, including Forbes, BBC, and Bloomberg.

Dan is a founding member of the Texas Cyber Breakfast Club and a supporter of the RH-ISAC and its mission to help retailers share cybersecurity information and intelligence. He is also a Mentor with Manifest, a cybersecurity group based in Austin, Texas. With a lifelong passion for cybersecurity, Dan has made significant contributions to the industry and continues to provide thought leadership and guidance to fellow professionals in the field.

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